Group Policy

1. Joining a group is a promise to purchase a pin in the series. Group pre-sales are used to fund pin production and therefore, refunds will be granted only in the rarest of circumstances. In exchange for helping fund production, group members are guaranteed to get the best pins out of the batch. This would be either Preferred Grade or Standard Grade. Please check Lavender Pin's grading policies to know what they consider Preferred and Standard Grades.


2. In the event that you experience a change in circumstance, and can no longer commit to a group or pin, please contact Lavender Pins at We understand that life happens, especially in a pandemic. Please be aware that in the event you are granted permission to leave a group, you will be prevented from joining new groups for a period of three months. No exceptions to this rule.


3. Lavender Pins reserves the right to ban, at her discretion, any person from joining new groups who has previously failed to honor their commitment. Group members who fail to pay on time, without obtaining an extension, or who leave their group chats without communication, will automatically be banned from joining future groups.


4. Lavender Pins is not responsible for how you trade and sell your pins. You trade at your own risk and buy at your own risk. However, presale purchases must only be *traded and not sold.* For presale buyers, trade *only* the presales you’ve purchased, even if you’re in a group for the complete series.


5. Lavender Pins will not share any sale stories, only trade stories for presale products or in-hand products.


6. For questions or concerns please reach out to: Lavender Pins at